Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Brett, Hillary and Nico Neal

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My clinical group!!!

This is a picture of my clinical group from school!! There are only 7 of us in each group and we have become pretty fast friends. Some days it definitely takes more then one of us to help care for our patients, so we are on big team and work together!! The guy is our med nurse from the second floor, and he was very helpful and also took great concern in finding things he thought we would like to see and do!! Today was my worst day yet and I must say, if it were not for these girls and my instructor Mrs. VanMullen, I do not know how I would have done anything.

This picture was taken our second week on the second floor, and the patients here are short-term care. We have now moved to the three floor and these are long-term care patients. The medical needs are greater here and more difficult...

We listen to the other groups talk and I must say I do believe we are the best at working as a team and so far have seen really cool things, in comparison to the other 8 groups!!! Our instructor wants us to see everything and try everything there is at our facility, she gets us in there, from row, hands on!!! It is Great!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

He is so precious!!!!

Keaton is growing so fast, he is on the move now!! It will not be long before he is walking either, he is already getting up to his feet (unsteady), but he is working his way there. Last week Brittany was on Spring Break so she came on Friday and brought Keaton to come have lunch with his Aunt Hillary and Aunt Brittany!!! I do believe he was worn out by the end of the week. Aunt Brittany kept him for Rach, so he was a busy guy hanging out with Aunt Brittany!

These are a few pictures of time with Keaton!! One is of me and him at the fish tank, he loves fish!!! There is a video that my dad took of us two and I will try to add it here, it is so cute!!! He really gets excited when the fish swim in front of him!!!


Hello!!!! So life has been the busiest I think it could ever possible be!!! I started clinicals three weeks ago and have not stopped yet. Between clinicals ALL of the paperwork that goes along with it and then studying for Fundamentals, Pharmacology, and Dosage (Math for Nursing) and then life, I have had a lot going on. I love clinicals and really like my facility, West Meade Place in Bellevue, an assisted living/ Rehab facility. In my three weeks there I have cared for three patients and must say I have had the best patients for my first time being Nurse! Being “Nurse” is what or instructors call our role! Every morning our instructors come in and say “Good morning Nurses!!”, then we pray as a group for our fellow Nurses that are there with us! It is just some so in encouraging.
Each week I have a patients, starting Mondays I go in meet my patient and learn about what is going on with them. What I can do to assist in their daily lives there at WMP! Tuesday and Wednesday are the days that we do all of the care for each patient. There are seven of us in our group and we work closely with one another, so really I get to see six other patients for three days!

I have had a great experience during my clinicals and have been able to do very interesting procedures! When you first learn something out of a book, it seems just ok, but when you really get to see and do thing up close and personal, WOW!!! I am going to love my job as a Nurse. I know I have sure picked the PERFECT job for me!!!

My picture is of my first clinical day at West Meade Place!

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Band!!!!

These are picture my sister took of Cross Canadian Ragweed playing!!! OH and one of Brett and Brittany and JM!!!!

Cross Canadian Ragweed!!!!

This past weekend Brett and I went to the Cross Canadian Ragweed concert with my sister Brittany and her boyfriend John Michael, Marshall and his girlfriend Miranda, and her best friend from home (Ohio) Mandy!!! We had a blast, one of the best concerts I have been to in a long while. We went to see CCR, but we also really loved their opening band, Cowboy mouth!! The both put on a great show and Rocked out!!!!

I know the pictures look like it was a crazy night and I look like I was gone in a few pictures. Really I was the DD so I did not drink, LOL!!! Man, I sure would hate to see what I would have looked like if I had been drinking. I thought the pictures of me were too funny.

We had a BLAST!!!!

He is growing like a Weed....

Our nephew Keaton is growing so fast! These are some picture my sister took while we were at my Grandparents the other night for a family dinner. He is 8 months old this month and that boy is on the move!!! A few weeks ago Keaton came over to stay at my parent’s house and boy we were so busy “talking” and laughing, and Poppa working with him to move those legs. He was pulling himself, he had not gotten the idea yet of crawling. Just a few weeks later he is crawling like he has been doing this all a long!! Not to be to bias, but I think he is just one of the cutest little boy’s I have ever seen. Boy Brett and I are blessed with the most handsome nephews one could have!!!!

Keaton might be a football player, like his dad. Christopher said he likes to put his head up to his and push really hard against his!!! It was so cute. Let’s just hope he does not learn how to head-butt people. My little sister Bri learned that when she was little at day-care and man she could really hurt you. The other pictures are of Keaton on the move and one with his Lolly. Keaton just loves his Lolly and Poppa so much.

Before we know it Keaton will be turn 1….Connor just turn 1 in December and now Keaton. They are just growing, growing, growing. Before long they will be starting school.

Well, I hope everyone enjoys the pictures as much as we do!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Busy little bee!!!

Hello!!! It has been awhile since our last post, so I wanted to update. Everything is really busy these days, between school, work and the remaining plans that we have for the Wedding!!! Mostly school is what keeps me busy these days; there is a ton of work and studying to do daily. Most days I lose track of what day of the week it is, and mostly I continue to lose track of the time. There is never enough time in the day to complete everything that needs to be done. Nursing school is very exciting and I love every bit of it, even being stressed out!! I tell myself; December 2009 you will be a nurse, so just keep on going. School will be getting even more exciting in a few weeks, I start clinicals February 26th!!!!! I will actually have pt's to care for two days out of the week, and help in all of their basic needs!!! And I mean basic needs, baths, oral care, intake of all fluids and food, and much much more that I will not describe for everyone. This is going to be so awesome!!! My clinical facility will be in Bellevue, West Meade Place! This is a Nursing home on the west side of Nashville, but it is close to school. I will only be in this facility a couple of months; we will be going back to our skills lab to learn how to administer medications for the remainder of the semester.

Brett is doing wonderful too!!! He is working and working out! Hunting is over for him and baseball has not started yet. In this down time from these two he loves working out and keeping a healthy diet, which I so admire in him!! He is really well balanced and really stays strong to what he plans! We just went after church on Sunday and picked out tuxedos for the Wedding! He made great chooses and I think he is going to look very handsome!!! I do think he is getting excited that it is so close, you know when you can just tell in someone’s tone of voice and expressions, well I see it!!! It makes me get even more excited when I see him get excited about the Wedding!! He is super excited about the Honeymoon too, he just keeps saying, "I can not wait until we get to the beach!!!" He missed going to the beach last year, so he is overly excited to get there this year!!

I hope all is well for everyone! Hopefully it will not be to long before the next post, I am trying to get Brett to post a few and add some pictures for me! We got a lot of pictures to add!!

May the Lord bless you and keep you,

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I can not believe it....

Today, while I was at work, I read on the Breaking News that Heath Ledger had died.
I was so shocked, that he had died at 28 years old. I thought what in the world could have caused that, shortly after I refreshed my internet and see Drug-related. I am so disappointed to find this out. I thought he was such a great actor and I never would have seen him as a drug user. Here I am going on like he was my best friend or something. I just had a different picture painted in my mind. What a tragic thing to happen. The really sad part is that he has a two year old daughter. Well, I have gone on and on, but I was total shocked to read about this guy. I just wanted to share my disappointment. That seems to be all Hollywood is about anymore. We never see the good things.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Word Scramble

Hello!!! Sorry, I just noticed that my words looked scrambled... When I previewed it did not look like that. Hope this looks better!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Keaton and his family!!!!

#1 Keaton and his mommy!!!
#2 Keaton with mommy and daddy!!!
#3 Keaton with his Granddaddy!!!
#4 Keaton and Aunt Brittany
#5 Look at that face!!

Keaton during Christmas...

#2 Keaton really liked the Grapefruit!!!!
#3 Keaton and his Aunt's!!!
#4 Reindeer butt!!!!
#5 Our little present!!!


#1 My Nanny with her four childern, Uncle Ben, Aunt Vikki, Nanny, Uncle David and My dad Gary.
#2 My cousins and I, Hillary Alisa, Amy Katherin, Deshawna Marie, Sarah Nicole. We were all born in the same year, I was the last of the year.
#3 My Nanny with her eleven grandchildern and three great grandchildern

My family in Memphis....

#1 The Anderson's. Uncle Bob, Aunt Vikki, Sarah, Autumn(Eric's wife), Eric, Caleb, Forest
#2 The Allen's. Amy, Uncle Ben, Aunt Gale, Laura.
#3 The Allen's. Brandon(Deshawna's fiance) Deshawna, Heather (Chad's wife), Aunt Des, Uncle David, Cody, Grace(Cody's girlfriend), Chad and Kaylee.

Christmas in Memphis

Brianne, Chelsea, Brittany, Me, and My Dad.

#2 The "Girls"
#3 After we opened gifts at my Dad's house!
#4 Funny faces!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Merry Chrismas to me!!!!

I know it is not Christmas yet, but I did get my present early… Brett got me tickets to see the Nutcracker Ballet!!!!! I absolutely adore the Nutcracker and always enjoy going to see it!! Brett got us Orchestra level sets in the middle row and middle section. It was so amazing and I had just the most wonderful time. I got a new Nutcracker doll; new mini Pointe shoes (ornament) and a ballerina in a Piqué turn (also an ornament). I have several Nutcracker dolls and ornaments that I have gotten each year that I attend the ballet and added new ones to my collection.

I love ballet; it is my favorite style of dance. I really believe that I will never be able to give this up. I have tried a few times to not take classes, but I just feel like I am going crazy if I don’t. It lets out so much stress and helps me calm down; dance is defiantly my outlet for stress and tension. What will I do when school is back in session and I do not have the time? I for one will have to find a studio that is closer to Brett’s house once we get married and I move to Old Hickory.

Our friends Richie and Sara also had tickets and we made it a double date!! We meet and went to eat at the Old Spaghetti Factory and then the ballet. While we were there for intermission we meet up (we had different sets) and were talking. Then the most incredible thing happened to us!! This couple came up and asked if we would take their picture. So Sara took the camera for the pictures. While Sara took the first picture which was very nice he turns and looks at her and is talking and trying to kiss her. She is trying to get him to look at the camera and smile. “I overheard her say what you are doing?” and then all of a sudden he reaches into his coat breast pocket and pulls out her engagement ring. Right there in front of us he asked her to marry him!!!! I was so incredible. Brett, Richie and I figured it out when we saw him reach into his coat, but Sara already knew. He had leaned into her and told her what he was up to. We all just thought he was showing her how to work the camera. She knew so she keep taking pictures of the while thing. It was so awsome and such a treat to see!!! Oh yeah and she said “YES!!!”

Hey, nice rack!!!!

This is Brett’s first buck since he has taken up hunting. A few weekends ago he got his first deer ever and it was a doe. She had a lot of meat on her and was a great size. This buck was his second deer for the season and it was a really good size buck. As you can tell it is an 8 point buck and had a great form. Brett shot this buck from about 200 yards away with a 30-06 rifle. He took it that afternoon to have the head mounted. Brett cuts up all of his meat himself and I must say it is a long process. Though it is long and time consuming he really enjoys cutting his own deer so he can get the meat his way. Brett is really, really enjoying his new sport and that is all he seems to be able to talk about. That same weekend Brett went to Arkansas with one of his best friends Marshall and his father Tommy Fuson to their duck lease. The weather was to nice so they did not get any ducks. How funny is that, the weather was too nice which means that it was to warm for the duck and they did not get any. I am sure they will be making another trip soon to get ducks. Brett has no preferences on what he hunts; just that he gets to hunt altogether!!! His freezer is packed full with deer meat and that seems to be all he eats these days. He is always on the look for a new recipe on how to cook deer meat, along with always on the look out for a great place to hunt. I also should tell you, Brett is really enjoying his hunting for more reasons then just the kill. He is such an outdoors man, so he is really enjoying the nature and its beauty that surrounds him while he is out there. He takes so many pictures of the wildlife and the forest that surrounds him. One exciting animal that he has seen are bald eagles and their nest. Which I think is so cool. Hunting has really relaxed Brett and is very calming for him. After a hard week at work it is very soothing for him to be out there and taking all there is to see in.

More post will come along after Brett’s next kill. And for those of you wondering, we are still discussing where his new deer head will be mounted in the house!!!! I will let you know of the outcome….